Who are The Hazel People?

           The Hazel People started with two students at the University of Oregon who wanted to make a positive impact on the world. Joey Jaraczewski was in the MBA program when he realized that his values ran deeper than many of his peers. He was searching for ways to use business to help uplift communities and heal the environment when he met Andrew Ek. 

These two hard-working optimistic entrepreneurs hit it off and started working on their first business: a protein shake made from organic Oregon Hazelnuts. As they learned more about the industry and made friend with Oregon's hazelnut growers, they realized there was a much bigger opportunity: plant-based milk

No one was making great hazelnut milk. There were a few competitors, but none of them were doing justice to Hazelnuts, one of the healthiest most flavorful nuts in existence. So using their endless drive and the friends they had made in the natural food business, they

created Hazel People Hazel Nutmilk. 

Now, as they prepare to launch their flagship Unsweetened flavor in the Pacific Northwest, Joey and Andrew are looking for ways to maximize their impact. Between opening peoples minds to new plant-based options and working with community organizations to give troubled kids work experience, these Hazel People have a lot of great plans!

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