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A Secret For You

Thanks for believing in us - we believe in you, too.

Dear Hazel Fans,

In every season of life do we have the opportunity to decide who we are and what we are about. You may struggle to identify with one “calling” for your life. There are so many, after all!

We are the Hazel People! Pictured left to right: Zoe Secord (Social), Drew Ek (Sales), Joey Jaraczewski (Production Manager). Not pictured: Mitch Rosen (Production Assistant), John Cheney (Production Lead), and Dylan Mann (Information Technology). Glad to be at your service!

The secret I have to share with you is that choosing your calling in life is easy. It’s as easy as believing in yourself. It’s as easy as believing that your ideas are valid and worthwhile. My calling in life is easy. I’m the leader of the Hazel People! It’s a fun job. During 2019, my Hazel life led me on a grand journey. I befriended many farmers, I visited many dairies, and I ended the year living off-grid in an organic orchard. I made a lot of milk, but I failed to find us a manufacturing partner to bring Hazel Nutmilk to the big time. I believe that one needs to live authentically before they may have a chance at success.

I believe in Hazel Land. Pictured left is a shot of me very proud after the 3rd annual Organic Hazelnuts Summer Farm Tour - an event I organized this past summer! Pictured right is a shot of some beautiful test product which we made just last month for a customer in Corbett, Oregon.

This is where the story leads to another secret to share with you: Hazel Fans and Hazel Persons, in the year 2030 the taste of hazelnut will nourish mainstream families across America. This is a matter of fact.

People just like you are clued in and tuned in. There are significant problems with dairy milk and almond production. The days of the almond will wane with shifting patterns of rain. Dairy subsidies will diminish. The day of the hazelnut will dawn across the USA, and it will be a tasty and flavorful day. In a low carbon future—in an era of climate change—the noble hazelnut will be familiar to all. And there we will be, we Hazel People.

This weekend, we celebrating a holiday launch of Hazel Nutmilk. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Festhalle of the Mount Angel Holiday Hazelnut Fest, we will be selling:

  • Unsweetened Hazel Nutmilk (32 oz.)

  • Chocolate Hazel Nutmilk (32 oz.)

  • Hazel Nutmilk-shakes in Vanilla and Chocolate (16 oz.)

  • Hazel Frappuccinos  (16 oz.)

As 2019 draws to a close, remember that the dawn is bright and the morrow holds new hope. Come join us this weekend at the Holiday Hazelnut Fest!! We want to share Hazel Land with you.

Sincerely yours,

Joey Jaraczewski Co-founder The Hazel People

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