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Take the #HazelChallenge and Meet a Harvest Dog!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

#HazelChallenge yourself with a new recipe and post it to our Facebook

Imagine a country road that twists and turns through the autumn mist.

Imagine following that road as it snuggles between misty hills covered in fir trees to find a valley laden with young hazel trees. In that countryside, you’ll find a couple Hazel People working their hands at a hand-picked harvest.

Out in this very real countryside, you’ll find these lovely Hazel farmers harvesting a field of two-year old trees. Last year, the little-hazel-trees-that-could yielded but two hazelnuts. This year, they’re yielding one hundred. Next year, who knows? Ten thousand or more nuts spilling off the trees to rest on the green, good Earth.

Katherine of Teaselbrook Farm in Dorena, Oregon, comparing the superior quality of her recent harvest to pistachios.

Up in Portland, another Hazel Person has won a prize! We think that applause is due to Amber of Multnomah county who shared with us a story of how hazelnuts have changed her life. “As a vegetarian,” she writes, “nuts are an important part of my diet. Hazelnuts have a such a wonderful flavor.” We are inclined to agree. “I enjoy everything from eating the nuts whole, drinking hazelnut milk, eating hazelnuts in my fresh salads, to tasting wonderful creamy hazelnut cream dessert on occasion.” Well, now! It sounds like hazel is occasionally part of Amber’s varied diet. She got us thinking about creamy hazelnut cream dessert, and we thought we’d share a recipe, and a #HazelChallenge, with you all.

Italian Hazelnut Cream Hand Pies

By An Italian In My Kitchen

These look delicious, and if we weren’t so darn busy trying to get Hazel Nutmilk off the ground, we’d probably make these ourselves.

Would you take the #HazelChallenge by making these and sharing your success on Facebook? Can you make this as a vegan hand pie? Could you even do it gluten-free?

The best pic of hazelnut hand pies shared to Facebook with the #HazelChallenge tag will WIN... a fun outing with a hazel harvest dog!

Either way, the harvest is upon the farmers and the autumn is upon the rest of us. Just for you, here is a picture of the happy harvest dog with a hazelnut on its head:

Hooray for harvest dogs!

Write back soon,

The Hazel People


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