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We Are Making Hazel Nutmilk In Our Kitchen For The Hazel Fans!

We've been making Hazel Nutmilk in small batches, and you can take our short survey about other hazelnut-based beverages!

Van Morrison has long sung the praises of brown-eyed girls with nut brown hair:

From a boreen green came a sweet colleen / And she smiled as she passed me by / She looked so sweet from her two bare feet / To the sheen of her nut brown hair.

Like Mr. Van Morrison, we have also danced a barefoot jig after feeling sweet on a maid with nut brown hair. Except, our maids are actually hazel trees... and, that sweet feeling is less a feeling of attraction, and more a feeling of thirst!

Bona-fide Hazel Nutmilk made down in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

At the end of a November day, the Hazel People just want to reach for a nut brown beverage. We thought we would stop to celebrate a few of the heavyweight hazelnut-based beverages out there for Hazel People of a certain age and character:

Take a survey (just for fun) about Hazelnut-Based Beverages!

Back in September, we created a contest for the best story about how hazelnuts have affected the lives of our community. Runner-up Connie says that as a “Hazel Fan” she would enjoy visiting the holiday hazelnut festival with her daughter. Winner, Amber, says that she holds no grudges against Portlanders who enjoy hazelnuts, but she enjoys being a Hazel Fan from little Eugene, Oregon. 

Eugene-based Amber enjoying a really cool T-shirt!

Well, Hazel Fans, you enjoy the warmth of your hearth—the Hazel Dogs are heading back to work! Please, continue to follow and share our Instagram  and Facebook

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The Hazel People


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